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We provide Magic mushrooms, dmt products, research Chemicals, Depressants, Relief Drugs, Pain Killers and so Much more here To our high demanding clients to over 62 Countries


Magic Mushroom

LSD Tabs

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We provide only the best seeds for your personal gardens.You can order just the kind you want.

We got our players working on the best drugLabs so we always have these products available for you whenever you need it

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Rare Research Chemicals

Get chemicals like crystal Meth, 4-FA POWDER, 1P-LSD, A-PVP crystal, Fentanyl Powder and so much more starting at low prices

Diverse Variety Of Drugs
buy Xanax bars, Codeine, Morphine, Oxycodone etc all at our shop.

All Our products come with their expiry dates so that you are sure of what you are consuming. We offer a Moneyback Policy for those who have difficulties with our products. We also have a specialist on standby in case you need advice on dosage.

Starting at $200

Acid Drugs with Options

We try to sell the most demanding drug types so that our best customers will find all they need in 3 or fewer clicks. We also throw in a complementary free shipping for specific order checkouts

Discrete Anonymous Shipping
We use well Trusted Shipping agencies

We use well known shipping agencies to transfer our products around the States and across international borders. You would be entitled to your product once you pay your shipping if you are out of the U.S.

Starting at $0

Shipping And Deliveries

We offer free shipping so long as we stay in the U.S. We are able to ship worldwide for a small fee.

All Magic Mushrooms You Need
We got it all here at Psychedelic Dispensary

We are at the heart of our customers for providing them with a diverse range of products with just the best prices they can afford

Starting at $100

Our Prices Are Unique

We have top quality products and most start at a price of as low as $100 with free shipping

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Featured Products

Limited Time Offer

Special Edition

We add additional 4 grams to all our shroom orders for every order of at least 1 Hp mushroom. so we recommend you get the best of our Mescaline cactus mushroom which is our top selling Magic Mushroom available in the Here at High Psychedelics

Worldwide Shipping

We use UPS shipping to get your products to you within 24h in the US and UK, or within 2-3 days in any of the other 53 countries we ship to, so we use both UPS Worldwide Express, UPS Worldwide Express Plus plans to ship Discreetly

Best Quality

With our best quality deals coming up weekly, we commit to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. Have a question for Best Quality Deals? just use any of our live Chat services on your screen to get your answer

Up to 85% Money-back Guarantee

With the nature of our products, it can be a pain when you get your drugs in any form of bad condition including soaked drugs and so on. So we now offer up to 85% money-back for any order so long as the claim is reasonable.

Secure Payments

Due to the nature of our business, we ensure that our transactions between the us and our customers are encrypted securely and so we provide payment methods such as Bitcoins, Paypal, Cash app and more for you to choose which is more convenient

Store Locations and warehouses
Successful Deliveries
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Our Happy Clients!

The way High Psychedelics respond to you is so heart warming bro, I mean I enjoy just surfing their Inventory bro. I Like your friendliness to me bro. I ain't shopping anywhere else but here. Bro this guys are legit. I once went to their warehouse here in Denver But couldn't find anything other than their agent there, but what did i expect bro. I only order Mescaline from these guys.
Jason Martin
Regular Customer
The delivery here is so fast, but i guess that's what you'll normally get from UPS but the odd thing about it was that It wasn't a UPS agent who showed up with my goodies. But who cares, I got what I ordered in about 12 hours after payment. I gotta admit i was scared shit a little after I did the payment tho, slaq
Barbara Smith
Regular Customer
I found only few reviews for these guys and so i felt like adding my because they deserve the applaud. I mean I didn't believe them either when i reached here the first time because of how sick their prices are but hey. I ordered $300 bucks Voldrealm gels and wow i can still trip just by thinking about that 150ug damn!!. I never got my order in late too.
Mark Sommers
Regular Customer

For all new Visitors, we have a minimum shipping checkout of just $300 so you can test our services with nothing to worry about. Then we will be here to get your bulk orders

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We operate under the radar and we do not get compromised during our transactions so you do not have to worry about our methods.

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Our official psychedelic houses are in these locations. You can call to get directions to come over sometime.

Delivery Durations

The delivery process is our highest priority and so we inform our clients about how long it would normally take to deliver to them so please be patient for at least 24 hours before you start asking about the package.


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